Premium Combo (matcha & whisk)

Premium Combo (matcha & whisk)

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YOOCHA MATCHA® Premium Kit Combo contains:

  • 100% Japanese High-Grown Premium Japanese Matcha Powder (your choice of pack of 40g or 100g)
  • Chasen: Traditional Matcha Bamboo Whisk

YOOCHA MATCHA® High-Grown Premium Japanese Matcha Powder packed with caffeine and theanine for maximum focus and energy.

Sweet and fragrant with a touch of bitterness. 

YOOCHA MATCHA® 100% handmade natural white bamboo whisk is one of the traditional elements of rituals to create a frothy and creamy cup of matcha every time.

Care instructions

Before using a chasen for the first time, let it set in hot water for 10 minutes in your matcha bowl, head down. Only dip half of the chasen in the water. Afterward, wet the chasen a little before every use.

Next day delivery across the UAE if the order made before 12pm.

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100% Organic

Our matcha is cultivated with strict organic farming methods, ensuring a chemical-free, all-natural product for your enjoyment and well-being.

Next Day Shipping

We understand your need for quick and efficient service. That's why we offer next-day shipping, so you can start enjoying your matcha as soon as possible.

Made In Japan

Authenticity is key in our product. Our matcha is sourced directly from Japan, the birthplace of matcha tradition, offering you an unmatched taste experience.

Gluten Free

Catering to all dietary needs, our matcha is gluten-free. Now you can enjoy the rich flavor and health benefits of matcha without any worries.

Hear It from Our Satisfied Sippers


the best ever matcha tried at home, nice packaging and fast delivery 🚚… The intensity can be controlled with the my desire ♥️

Amna Aljneibi
Dubai, UAE

The bright color of the matcha indicates a very good quality, i didn't taste any bitterness! So good for lattes. Also, delivery was too fast i received it the next day. Thank you so much

Reyam Alghaithi
Abu Dhabi, UAE

First time ordering matcha and doing it alone at home i wasn’t expecting it to be this good there prices are so nice!!!! i use coconut milk and vanilla syrup with my matcha it taste amazing!!!!

Maha Alsuwaidi
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Such good price of matcha for 100 grams, super smooth and vibrant green color, finished it half way and I got it last week. Recommend it to matcha latte drinkers!!!🍵

Ghaya Alfalasi
Ajman, UAE

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