Matcha's Extraordinary Health Perks

Matcha can boost your health in many different ways. This article will teach you about 11 physical and mental health benefits of Matcha tea.

Matcha is a particular type of green tea that packs many health benefits, even more than other teas. Thanks to the gentle and lasting energy boost you can get from drinking Matcha, more and more people are switching from coffee to Matcha. If you wonder why people praise this beverage so much, you have come to the right place. This article will teach you about the main health benefits of Matcha for physical as well as mental well-being.

Matcha contains L-theanine

L-theanine, one of the components of Matcha, works wonders for your mental health. It is linked to a reduction in stress levels and anxiety. It can also lead to better focus and improve the health of your brain.

Matcha helps with regulating blood pressure and heart health.

Various studies have shown a connection between the consumption of green tea and cardiovascular health (like this one). Matcha is even better than ordinary green tea because you consume the whole leaf and reap more benefits. There is a lot of medical, complex information about this topic available. The short of it is that Matcha reduces the cholesterol LDL production (which is often called the “bad” cholesterol) and lowers triglyceride levels. The result: people who drink Matcha are 21% less likely to have a stroke and 28% less likely to develop coronary artery disease than people who drink no Matcha or green tea.

Matcha is beneficial for people on cancer treatment and may help prevent certain types of cancer.

Many studies have been published about the connection between the components of Matcha and the reduction of certain types of cancer. Matcha has an exciting effect on particular cancers that have already developed (in one study, prostate cancer cells have been reduced) and may also help prevent cancers or slow down their development. Multiple tests have shown that a type of catechin found in Matcha has remarkable anti-cancer properties.

Matcha is great for your mental well-being.

A good quality Matcha like YOOCHA Matcha supports your physical health and can also have a significant effect on your mental health. Unlike coffee, the energy boost you get from Matcha does not cause jitteriness and nervousness. Instead, Matcha gives you a sense of calmness, which is especially helpful if you tend to suffer from anxiety.

Matcha can increase the fertility of men - and even boost their performance.

One interesting health benefit of Matcha is that it can help men with their fertility. Men who regularly drink Matcha over a longer period have sperm that is more viable and vital, so it has a better chance of successfully fertilizing an egg. In addition, Matcha’s positive effect on cardiovascular health can also help men last longer in the bedroom.

Matcha helps women with the balance of their estrogen levels

Not only men can benefit from Matcha when it comes to issues with their sex life. Most women have problems with their hormone levels at some stage, mainly during menopause. Matcha can help with that because its components can help with balancing hormone levels.

Matcha protects the liver.

Another one of the health benefits of Matcha concerns your liver. A study looked closely at Matcha’s effects against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and found that the components can protect your liver from damage.

Matcha can help with oral health.

Stained teeth, bad breath. Nobody wants that, but it is often a side effect of drinking coffee or black tea. If you drink Matcha, however, your energy boost is not accompanied by these problems, quite the opposite: Matcha can help you keep your mouth healthy because, unlike coffee, it does its part to keep the bacteria in your mouth under control.

Matcha makes the immune system stronger.

Matcha contains many antioxidants, which means that your immune system benefits immensely if you consume Matcha (either as a beverage or one of the many other tasty ways). In addition, there are also surprisingly many vitamins and minerals in a cup of Matcha; Vitamin A (carotene) and Vitamin B1 are just some examples. 

Matcha can help with keeping weight under control.

Being overweight is not very healthy, and one of Matcha’s health benefits is that it can help you reduce your weight. This is because some of the components (mainly EGCg and caffeine) of Matcha naturally boost the body’s metabolism and cause the body to use fat as a source of energy. To keep it simple: Matcha helps with burning fat.

Matcha improves the feel and looks of your skin.

There is a good reason why Matcha face masks are a thing: they work. You do not necessarily have to use facemasks to benefit from the power of Matcha. Drinking it or consuming it another way has a similar effect, and you will not just help your skin that way. Matcha face masks that you can also DIY at home are great; however, if you want to target a specific problem zone on your body. The tannins that are part of Matcha’s chemical composition are a powerful weapon against oily skin and problematic pores.

Final thoughts

These points prove that Matcha has many benefits for your health. There is one thing you need to keep in mind, though. Like with other products, quality plays an important role. You need to make sure that you buy a pure Matcha grown and harvested by people who know what they are doing. Cheap, low-quality Matcha tastes horrible and will not give you all the health benefits. YOOCHA Matcha is an excellent brand to try. YOOCHA Matcha is a 100% pure Japanese Matcha powder. The producers grow the green tea plants used for Matcha the right way and know when to harvest them to achieve the best results. A premium brand that cares about its product is worth paying for - especially if you genuinely want your health to benefit from Matcha.


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