10 Advantages of Matcha Over Coffee for Your Health

Apr 25, 2022

Matcha and coffee provide people with energy - but are they both offering the same amount of other benefits?

Coffee is a trendy drink, and while Matcha also has been used as a beverage for many centuries, it has only recently become more prevalent in countries outside Asia. Beautiful green Matcha lattes are a big trend in coffee shops, yet coffee is still sold more often as people are more used to it. But should you be drinking more Matcha instead?

Looking at nutrition values, coffee and Matcha are relatively similar. They both will not make you fat as their calorie and fat content are extremely low (unless you add a lot of milk and sugar to them). They both contain no carbs, no fiber, and just a tiny amount of protein. Both have a bitter taste.

Coffee and Matcha have health benefits and are both loved by millions of people. However, when you have a closer look, you see that Matcha is the superior drink. In this article, we are looking at 10 reasons why. 

1 - Coffee has many unwanted side effects

People who drink a lot of coffee know that coffee's beneficial effects do not come without a cost. In their detailed article, writers Herrick, Shecterle, and Cyr mentioned side effects like insomnia, an increase in heart rate, nervousness, headaches, occasional lightheadedness, a state of "jitters," and a potential "crash" state. These can be avoided when consuming Matcha.

2 - Matcha is easier to prepare

Unless you drink instant black coffee, Matcha has the advantage of being easier to prepare. There are no beans to grind and no coffee machines to wait for. Many people have the image of an elaborate tea ceremony in their head when they hear the word Matcha, but it does not have to be like that. You do not even need to purchase special equipment to prepare a beautiful cup of Matcha, especially if you make sure you buy a quality Matcha like YOOCHA Matcha, a 100% pure Japanese Matcha. All you need is a cup, hot water, a spoon or whisk, and Matcha powder.

3 - Matcha may protect you against various types of cancer

While there is still no study that can 100% prove that Matcha or other green teas prevent cancer, numerous studies show that drinkers of tea have lower levels of cancer, particularly cancers of the colon, breast ovary, prostate, and lung.

4 - Matcha contains L-theanine

L-theanine is part of Matcha's chemical makeup. It cannot be found in coffee but is a very beneficial amino acid you want to include in your life. While people can also consume it as pills and tablets, it is better if you get it from a natural source like Matcha (just as it is with vitamins and minerals - the natural source is better than a multivitamin pill!). But why is L-theanine so good? It helps with stress reduction, lowers anxiety, increases focus, leads to better immunity, and even helps with blood pressure management.


5 - Matcha does not create a painful dependency

If you have ever been dependent on coffee, you know the pounding headache you get when you try to wean yourself off coffee. Even if you only drink a couple of cups a day, coffee will ensure that it is the first thing on your mind in the morning. Many people cannot function without their coffee in the morning. While Matcha also contains caffeine, it is a gentler and less demanding morning drink. Your mind will feel more at peace in the mornings. Matcha also does not cause the typical crash after a few hours. With a cup of coffee, you set yourself up for a midday crash. With a cup of Matcha, you set yourself up for a day during which energy is released more evenly.

6 - Matcha does not stain your teeth and helps with oral health

Coffee drinkers know that keeping their teeth nice and white can be a challenge. Coffee stains teeth and there are hundreds of websites about how to remove coffee stains from your teeth. Matcha drinkers, on the other hand, do not have that problem. On the contrary: Matcha is known to help with oral health and keep the acidic levels in your mouth more balanced. If you want your teeth to remain healthy and white for longer, Matcha is better than coffee.

7 - Matcha is better for people with anxiety problems and helps with relaxation

Matcha's level of L-theanine helps people with anxiety to feel more relaxed. But everyone else can also benefit from Matcha's ability to make you feel more comfortable. In various trials, Matcha has been shown to reduce the participant's stress and anxiety levels.

8 - Matcha can be used in a variety of ways

While coffee is generally consumed as a hot drink or as iced coffee during hot summer days, Matcha is not that limited in how people can use it. Even if you do not like hot beverages, Matcha can still be part of your daily life if you want to reap its benefits. While most people enjoy their cup of Matcha, you can also use good quality Matcha powder, like YOOCHA Matcha, for baking or sprinkling over the top of food like cereals or even vanilla ice cream.

9 - Matcha is a gentler energy boost

Coffee is known to take you up and keep you awake - but it does so quite quickly. This goes both ways: you get your energy boost quickly, but it also fades away and leaves you feeling tired, moody, and in need of another coffee. Matcha, however, provides a better source of energy. It does not take that much longer to come into effect, but it takes a lot longer to wear off because Matcha releases energy into your body slower and over a longer period.

10 - Matcha is better for your libido

People do not think about this when they compare coffee to tea, and Matcha in particular, but drinking coffee can hurt your sex life, especially if you get a little nervous or suffer from performance anxiety. While coffee and Matcha give you a boost of energy, they do not do it the same way. Coffee makes you energized and a little jittery, while Matcha provides the same energy but will also help you to feel a sense of calmness, which can make a huge difference when it comes to your performance in the bedroom.

Final thoughts

While coffee is by no means a terrible beverage, it is easy to see why Matcha is the superior product for your mental and physical health. The best way to see this yourself is to give it a try. Get some YOOCHA Matcha, incorporate it into your daily routine, and see whether you feel any difference after a few days.

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