Making Yoocha Matcha at home?

Aug 29, 2022

For a healthy diet, green tea has been endorsed for so long for hundred of years even, while another increasingly widespread shade of healthy diet is now becoming highly recommended i.e. matcha. The beverage is full of health benefits and taste. Here’s what should be acquainted with about the beverage.


A special form of green tea, known as matcha; literal meaning “powdered form”

A type of green tea which is made by taking fledgling tea leaves crushing them into a perky green powder. Corresponding to green tea, matcha is derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. Though, it is grown-up in a different way and yet has an exceptional nutrient profile. It actually is a different form of tea than the regular one, as the leaves are first pervaded in water and afterwards removed. Matcha attends as a influential antioxidant and has plentiful former benefits. 



To wake up in the morning and feel fresh is the most soothing  feeling in the world. YOOCHA Matcha provides the same contented feeling in the blooming sunshine as a cup of tea in the morning. Thus, coffee may leave us tired meanwhile whereas matcha retains us moving and don’t let us stop in the midway.  It also postures a multiplicity of health welfares.


There’s no misgiving that YOOCHA MATCHA will leave you feeling awesome, so now the question arises how you do make it? It is really very easy to make matcha  and it only involves 3 steps. But before we get to the tea, it requires some special ingredients to be added and some special tools to make it even more frothy and yummy.


  • Handheld Whisk or Milk Frother – Quickest way of getting a smooth and blended matcha.
  • Latte Mug – Due to its tall sides and walls, it gives extra space for spinning, whisking and stirring matcha.
  • Electronic Teapot -- A modern toolfor making different types of teas, including matcha. It also controls temperature and make our task even easier.


Here are the constituents used to make matcha tea;

  • 1½ tbsp. (2 grams) matcha powder
  • 1 tbsp. (15 milliliters) hot water
  • 1 cup i.e. 240 milliliters of milk (Cow, coconut, almond etc.)
  • 1 tbps. agave
  • 1 tbps.maple syrup
  • 1 tbps.honey
  • 1 tbps.sugar (optional)


To make a perfect cup of tea for a refreshing healthy morning and a stimulating day, the easiest steps written below must be followed;

Step 1 :

Take a ceramic bowl, and a place a small sifter i.e a strainer over the bowl. Now measure the matcha powder and mildly knock the side of the strainer to jiggle the matcha powder into the cup. All the clusters and clumps will be removed and a smoother drink can be attained.

Step 2 :

Water taken should be of almost 165 to 180°F. It should not be boiling. Use bamboo whisk for acquiring a traditional tea. Vigorously stir the tea using crisscross motions to produce a frothy beverage. You can also use a regular mini whisk if bamboo whisk is not easily available. Until the whole powder is dissolved, one should not stop whisking.

Step 3:

The same step can be repeated for using milk instead of water and the modern tools can also be used for making a perfect cup of tea.

Step 4 :

Pour the hot milk or water into the latte or tea container. Place a large  spoon just inside the frothing cup to grasp back the fluff. You can pour the milk as much you’d like to pour, not all the milk is necessarily used.

Step 5:

Now scoop the froth and fluff on the topmost of the cup, by using a spoon gradually. You can place the scooped foam on the latte. Spread the equally through the top of the latte.

Step 6:

Now add agave, honey, maple syrup and sugar if needed and shake it again.

Step 7:
Now to get a refreshing and yummy look garnish you cup to enjoy the taste. Sprinkle the matcha on the top of the froth and drink instantly to avoid its settlement at the bottom of the latte.


  1. High In antioxidants which can help to soothe injurious free radicals that are amalgams that can harm cells and be a reason of enduring disease.
  2. Boost and pep talk our brain’s function
  3. Helps in the prevention of Cancer.
  4. By investigation it is found that matcha may help to protect the health of our livers.
  5. It can also be used as a weight loss supplement more than green tea.
  6. Matcha tea may also help to protect our bodies against heart diseases.

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