Matcha: A Natural Libido Enhancer

5 facts about the special tea’s power to help you with your libido

 Everybody knows about foods that are supposed to have an aphrodisiac effect on people. But do you want to eat oysters and chilies every day to improve your performance in the bedroom? Suppose you are looking for something natural that you can easily incorporate into your daily life to have a lasting effect on your libido. In that case, Matcha tea is your best option - and this article will answer the question of why.

 Matcha is different from ordinary green tea and has many health benefits, mainly because it contains many antioxidants. Like other products, quality is essential. You want to choose a 100% pure Japanese Matcha for the best results like YOOCHA Matcha. Let’s look into how Matcha can influence the libido of men and women.

Matcha and libido fact 1: Matcha offers an energy boost - but is calming at the same time

Like coffee, Matcha is a beverage known to increase the energy levels of people who drink it. That is because it also contains caffeine (sometimes also called theine, but it’s the same thing). While coffee has more caffeine than Matcha, Matcha has just the perfect amount to give you a boost of energy and yet remain reasonably calm. Why is this good for your libido? You may wonder why you do not want to be full of energy. It is pretty simple: many people get a bit nervous or anxious when it comes to sex, so the jitteriness that comes with drinking coffee might not be very beneficial.

Matcha and libido fact 2: Matcha increases your levels of Dopamine

A study on the effects of l-Theanine, which is a component of Matcha, has shown that the consumption of Matcha can increase the drinker’s dopamine level. Dopamine plays an important role when it comes to libido. To keep it simple, Dopamine is responsible for activating the pleasure center in people’s brains. Without feeling or looking forward to pleasure, you would not be physically interested in getting close to anybody. As Matcha is rich in l-Theanine, drinking Matcha will increase your dopamine levels, which is beneficial for your libido.

Matcha and libido fact 3: Matcha can lead to longer-lasting erections

It has been proven that people who drink Matcha successfully manage to lower their blood pressure. Studies also linked the consumption of Matcha with better blood circulation. As you most likely know, a particular body part does need good blood flow if it wants to perform. Many men (more than would openly admit it) suffer from erectile problems every now and then, which in many cases is a problem with blood circulation, not a problem with a lack of desire.

How does Matcha help with that? The components of Matcha trigger a process called vasodilation which is very beneficial to men’s libido. It helps with erectile dysfunction and can also improve the strength and duration of an erection. To get the best potency from Matcha, you need to ensure that you consume Matcha grown and harvested the right way, like YOOCHA Matcha.

Matcha and libido fact 4: Matcha can help increase the sex drive of women

Women often complain about a decrease in their sex drive as they get a little older. The reason for that is their physiology. A woman’s body changes when it approaches and goes through menopause, particularly when it comes to the production and balance of hormones, particularly estrogen. Sometimes, younger women also suffer from low levels of estrogen. Fortunately, a woman does not have to accept this. She can take a few steps to continue having a great and satisfying sex life. Estrogen is often called the “female hormone” because there is more in a woman’s body than in a man’s (and it is the other way around with testosterone).

A low estrogen level has been linked to a general decline in sexual desire, but also to feeling more depressed (which lowers libido) and to physical symptoms that lead a woman to be less interested in sex. Matcha can help with this because drinking it can help restore the balance of estrogen in a woman’s body.

Matcha and libido fact 5: Matcha can improve the fertility of men

Libido and a man’s fertility play a crucial role for couples who want to have a baby. A man does not only need to be ready to perform but also capable of fertilizing the eggs in a woman’s womb. Many couples struggle with becoming pregnant, which can be due to sperm concentration and viability problems. If Matcha is consumed daily over a more extended period, it has been shown that sperm concentration and viability are improved.

Final thoughts

In addition to these five facts, there are plenty of other reasons to drink Matcha. But how much should you drink, especially when you are interested in Matcha’s positive effects on your libido? Of course, the results can be different from person to person. Still, most people say that drinking Matcha about half an hour before sex helps them feel the positive effects and the extra energy.

Suppose you are, however, interested in long-term health benefits and libido-boosting. In that case, it is recommended that you drink one cup of Matcha per day. It is relatively easy to add a cup of Matcha to your day. You could even add a Matcha cocktail to a romantic lunch or a picnic in the park to prepare for some fun times later in the day.

Matcha does not necessarily have to be consumed as a hot beverage. You could also get your daily dose of Matcha in other ways: You can cook yummy desserts with Matcha powder or sprinkle it over some ice cream. YOOCHA Matcha is particularly suitable for this as it is a high-quality powder from Japan, the land of Matcha.

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