Discover the Many Ways to Use Matcha

Apr 25, 2022

Matcha is often consumed as a hot beverage, but this article will also introduce you to other ways to enjoy Matcha and benefit from its properties.

Matcha is a type of green tea with many health benefits, but people new to it often struggle to integrate it into their lives. Some people do not even get started because the word Matcha makes them think of lengthy Japanese tea ceremonies. They believe that they will not be able to drink Matcha every day because they are worried that using Matcha is far too complicated.

The truth is: It is not complicated at all. You can enjoy the health benefits of Matcha and the gentle energy boost without having to spend a lot of time preparing a drink. Of course, you could have a traditional tea ceremony every now and then to enjoy a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, but the everyday consumption of Matcha does not have to be that complex.

In this article, you will learn how to prepare hot and cold Matcha beverages quickly and how to use quality Matcha powder like YOOCHA Matcha in tasty ways that might surprise you. Give them a try, and see why Matcha powder is an excellent addition to your food and drinking regime. Once you have tried various methods, you will also feel confident to experiment and find your own ways of adding Matcha to your life. 

Matcha as a hot drink

Drinking Matcha as a tea is the most popular method to consume Matcha. It is easier than you might think. You need your favorite cup, hot water, the Matcha powder, and a whisk or spoon. You can get a traditional tea whisk if you want, but it is not necessary. You can use a kitchen whisk (manual, not electric!) or a spoon. A whisk is better than a spoon because it is better for breaking up clumps that might form. 

All you need to do is this:

  1. Boil water and leave it to cool a little bit. For a thicker Matcha, use about one-third of a cup; for a thinner drink, use half a cup.
  2. Put half a teaspoon into the container you want to use for your drink (a cup, a mug, or a more traditional tea bowl). Add half a teaspoon of fresh, cool water to it.
  3. Whisk the mix until you have a nice, smooth paste without clumps.
  4. Add the desired amount of hot water into the cup.
  5. Gently whisk the cup's contents until you have a nice, green cup of Matcha.
  6. Enjoy!

Traditionally, Matcha is drunk without added sugar, but add a little sugar if you need a little bit to enjoy the drink.

Many people also like to drink Matcha lattes, as you can order them in most coffee shops. You can also make the trendy drink at home. For this, you need to froth your favorite type of milk (dairy and non-dairy both work, though non-dairy milks often complement the taste of Matcha better) and add it to your Matcha. To achieve the coffee house look, use a tall heat-proof glass.

Matcha as a cold beverage

Matcha does not have to be a hot drink. Especially in summer, you might want to enjoy cold beverages more often. This is also very simple, especially if you have a food mixer, smoothie maker, or shaker bottle. Simply mix your Matcha powder with cold water until it's dissolved nicely, and enjoy it right away. You can also mix Matcha powder with cold milk, add some fruits and make lovely Matcha smoothies. There is also the option to make Matcha cocktails and mocktails - the possibilities are endless.

Matcha ice cream

Matcha ice cream is a nice treat. If you have an ice cream maker, try adding Matcha powder to your favorite recipe. You could also get a tub of your favorite ready-made ice cream and sprinkle some Matcha powder on top - voila! You have just made your treat a lot healthier.

Matcha porridge or Matcha breakfast bowls

If you don't want to drink Matcha in the morning but want to benefit from the energy boost, you can add Matcha to your breakfast. Matcha works very well mixed into porridge or as part of a lovely breakfast bowl.

Matcha muffins, pancakes, and cakes

Matcha can become your new best baking buddy if you are into baking. Matcha is surprisingly versatile when it comes to the world of sweet baking. Almost everyone loves home-baked goods, and if they come with some added health benefits, who could say no?

With a great quality Matcha like YOOCHA Matcha, you can create beautiful baked goods like muffins or pancakes. Even proper cakes can benefit from having Matcha added to them. A lovely recipe is the Matcha Mousse cake, which is not the easiest way to add Matcha to your life, but worth the effort and time. Everyone deserves an occasional treat!

Matcha guacamole

If you love guacamole, then adding Matcha will only make it even better. You need to prepare your favorite guacamole recipe (or get some from the supermarket) and add two teaspoons of Matcha powder. This will turn any guacamole into a nutritional powerhouse. 

Many other ways to use Matcha

You arrived here wondering how to use Matcha. Now you have quite a few exciting ideas - but these are not the end. You can be as creative as you would like with Matcha powder.

If you use a 100% pure Japanese Matcha powder like YOOCHA Matcha, you can also rest assured that you will always get the best results (unless you are the kind of person who burns everything - but obviously, you cannot blame Matcha for that).

A bit more inspiration on how to use Matcha: bake Matcha madeleines, Matcha cookies, or try your hand at making Matcha froyo ice lollies! With so many delicious options, there's no excuse not to benefit from Matcha.

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