Matcha: A Secret Weapon for Weight Loss

Apr 25, 2022

Matcha is known for its many health benefits and the gentle energy boost it provides, but it can also help people who want to lose some weight.

People who struggle with their weight, be it a few extra pounds or a severe problem, often wonder what they can do to become healthier. Exercise and a healthy diet are usually a good start, but what else can you do? Many people do not think about the drinks they put into their bodies every day. These can and do play an important role when it comes to weight loss.

Matcha is a low-calorie drink which makes it easy to add it to your day without having to worry about calorie-counting. But that is not the only reason why Matcha and your weight are a combination that is worth learning more about.

Matcha helps you to get up and get started.

A lack of energy, or simply feeling tired all the time, is often the reason why people don’t feel like getting up and working out. You do not feel like spending more energy because you need the little energy you have left to get through the day.

Helping you to have more energy is the first reason why Matcha is excellent for you and your weight loss journey. Unlike coffee, Matcha provides a gentle but powerful energy boost that does not make you feel burned out just a little later.

Matcha is an enemy of fat.

EGCG, one of the antioxidants you find in Matcha, is a fat cell’s enemy. Studies have proven that people who drink Matcha over a more extended period of time (in one study, it was 12 weeks) lose more body weight than people who don’t, even if the activity levels in the test groups are the same.

Matcha and your metabolism should be best mates.

Your metabolism will thank you if you introduce Matcha into your life. If you have ever seen people who seem to eat and eat without gaining any weight, a fast metabolism is usually the reason for it. You wish you could be like these people. Instead, you are struggling with losing weight. Matcha will not turn you into one of the people who have an incredibly fast Metabolism, but it can help you give your metabolism a generous boost. This, in turn, will increase how much fat your body burns.

Matcha helps you keep hydrated and energized during workouts.

Matcha is an excellent drink to have on hand when working out. Unlike other weight loss products that often need a lot of sweeteners added to them to be palatable, Matcha tastes great, just like it is if you buy a premium powder. YOOCHA Matcha is a 100% pure Japanese Matcha powder perfect for this.

You can easily mix the powder in with some cold water in a shaker bottle to keep hydrated during workouts. It will also boost your energy levels and help you to keep going. Remember: it is important to stay hydrated, especially when you are more active than usual as you body will need more water to function properly.

Matcha helps the growth of friendly bacteria.

“Bacteria?” you might wonder. Why would bacteria have anything to do with Matcha and weight loss? Bacteria are more critical to a healthy weight than you might know. To keep it simple: if you have a healthy gut with a good balance of beneficial bacteria, you are more likely to lose weight.

Matcha can help to reduce your appetite.

Eating fewer calories will help you lose weight. It is a simple fact, but it is often problematic for people to resist their hunger. Unlike many other drinks, Matcha contains some dietary fiber because it is produced by using the whole leaf of the green tea plant. Fiber is known to make people feel fuller for longer.

But that is not all. EGCG, a component of Matcha, is known to reduce people’s food cravings by a significant amount. Fewer cravings lead to a healthier diet, which leads to healthier body weight. 

Matcha has anti-inflammatory properties.

This might be another surprise for you. You might not be aware that inflammation can play a role when it comes to gaining and losing weight. It is not the inflammation per se that causes the issue, but a hormone called Leptin. This hormone is partially responsible for controlling your urge to eat. Leptin does not cope well; when your body is inflamed, it has less control, and you will most likely end up eating more than you need.

This is where Matcha’s anti-inflammatory properties are very helpful. Less inflammation means a happier Leptin hormone - which is good news for you and your weight.

What is the best time to drink Matcha for losing weight?

In a study, people in one control group consumed a product that could be compared with drinking a cup of Matcha each day, with the best results being achieved when participants took it half an hour before exercising. However, even if participants took the product at other times of the day, the control group lost significantly more abdominal fat than the control group that did not consume any.

It is optimal to drink Matcha before exercise, but if you do not have the time or opportunity to do so, any other time of the day will still be beneficial to help you with your weight loss.

Final thoughts

In addition to helping with your weight, a good quality Matcha powder like YOOCHA Matcha also offers many other health benefits, so it is worth it to start using Matcha regularly. You will not only be able to lose weight, but you will also see positive effects on your skin. Matcha contains tannins and antioxidants that can help to combat oily skin and problems with big pores.

People interested in Matcha for weight loss often also feel a little anxious or nervous, which is another thing Matcha can help with because its components are great for supporting people’s mental health.

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